parents after getting settled in their independent living home

3 Things to Look for in an Independent Living Home for Your Parents

An independent living home is part of a larger active senior community designed for those who either don’t need or only require minimal assistance. At Northfield, our independent senior living community is vibrant. Thanks to our numerous amenities, residents live a lifestyle where they are free to pursue their interests in retirement without being concerned…

daughter helping parents move into senior living housing

4 Ways to Help Your Parents Move to Independent Senior Living

Helping your parents move into independent senior living from their home can be an emotionally difficult discussion. But there are ways to start the conversation that will allow everyone involved to make themselves heard so the best solution can be found. There are more senior living options than ever before, and many may go beyond…

couple downsizing and moving into independent living

3 Ways to Downsize to an Independent Living Home

Making the transition to independent living requires planning and discussion. When seniors decide to transition to a senior living home, one of the most pressing concerns is downsizing their current home. It can be overwhelming trying to decide what to keep, what to store, and what to let go. It’s a decision-making process that affects…

group of friends participating in senior living activities

Top Healthy Activities for Senior Citizens

No matter what age you are, it’s necessary to be active both physically and mentally. This is especially true as adults enter their retirement years. Finding senior living activities that are not only enjoyable but beneficial is crucial to getting the most out of the retirement lifestyle you are enjoying. At Northfield in Brownsburg, Indiana,…

older man happy with the benefits of senior independent living

3 Benefits of Senior Independent Living

There are many benefits to senior independent living. Individuals and families can expect an active, independent senior community like Northfield in Brownsburg, IN, to provide numerous opportunities to socialize, safety and security, and a worry-free environment where everyday chores and responsibilities are taken care of by our staff. Deciding to retire is a major life…

woman wondering when to consider independent living in Brownsburg IN

When Should I Consider Moving to an Independent Living Community?

Many seniors believe there’s no reason to move to an independent living community until they have to because of their health or finances. However, senior independent living is quite different from an assisted living facility. Active seniors choose independent living communities because they provide them with the support necessary so they can pursue their interests…

several seniors doing stretches part of a senior living community

What to Expect from a Senior Living Community

Deciding to move into a senior living community is a major life choice. As such, individuals need to be well informed and know what their options are. At Northfield, our independent senior living community encourages residents to get the most out of their retirement. We do so by providing services that free residents up from…

seniors playing cards showing senior citizen independent living

Senior Citizen Independent Living

Here at Northfield in Brownsburg, IN, we pride ourselves on the independent senior community we’ve been able to create. Senior citizen independent living has never been easier or more enjoyable than it is today at Northfield. What Is Senior Independent Living? Independent living communities can include townhomes, apartments, or condos. You can explore the floor…

a group of older adults sharing a meal showing senior citizen nutritional needs

Senior Citizen Nutritional Needs

As individuals age, there are certain areas they need to pay special attention to. Neglecting one’s nutritional needs or just assuming that what worked when one was younger can lead to health problems and exacerbate other medical conditions. However, it’s very easy in today’s senior living communities to make sure senior citizens’ nutritional needs are…

four seniors around a table talking at senior community Brownsburg IN

Explore Our Senior Community in Brownsburg, IN

While each person’s retirement is unique, there are certain expectations when looking for the right senior community in Brownsburg, IN. For active, independent seniors in the early stages of retirement, there’s likely less emphasis on living assistance and more on events and activities available. Similarly, for those who have been retired longer, knowing there is…