senior showing good eating habits

The Best Eating Habits for Seniors

One of the greatest factors in senior wellness is to maintain healthy eating habits. As we get older, our metabolism changes, and we may find ourselves dealing with health problems that require special diets. Living alone, most of us don’t relish cooking large meals for ourselves. For others, eating alone can be depressing and make…

older couple embracing smiling during the holidays

3 Ways to Prepare for the Holidays in Independent Living

The holidays are a special time where friends and family come together to celebrate and enjoy each other’s company. The spirit of the holiday season doesn’t change even though where you celebrate it might. For residents in our senior living community at Northfield, the holidays are an exciting time. Not only are residents excited to…

older couple carving turkey during Thanksgiving

How to Enjoy Thanksgiving in Senior Living

Thanksgiving is a holiday designed to bring family and friends together. Distance, work, and home commitments can make the holiday seem frenetic. When a loved one is a resident at a senior living community, it may also be challenging to participate in all the traditions around the holiday. However, there are numerous things family members…

seniors together in pool at senior living community

5 Ways to Stay Active in a Senior Living Community

Making the transition to independent senior living ushers in a new stage of life. Retired individuals and families look to these years to be ones where they explore new hobbies and do all the things they couldn’t before retirement. It’s a major lifestyle change, but for the better. A key component to this is staying…

parents after getting settled in their independent living home

3 Things to Look for in an Independent Living Home for Your Parents

An independent living home is part of a larger active senior community designed for those who either don’t need or only require minimal assistance. At Northfield, our independent senior living community is vibrant. Thanks to our numerous amenities, residents live a lifestyle where they are free to pursue their interests in retirement without being concerned…

daughter helping parents move into senior living housing

4 Ways to Help Your Parents Move to Independent Senior Living

Helping your parents move into independent senior living from their home can be an emotionally difficult discussion. But there are ways to start the conversation that will allow everyone involved to make themselves heard so the best solution can be found. There are more senior living options than ever before, and many may go beyond…

couple downsizing and moving into independent living

3 Ways to Downsize to an Independent Living Home

Making the transition to independent living requires planning and discussion. When seniors decide to transition to a senior living home, one of the most pressing concerns is downsizing their current home. It can be overwhelming trying to decide what to keep, what to store, and what to let go. It’s a decision-making process that affects…