retirement planning

How to Help Your Parents Plan for Retirement

If your parents are in the process of retirement planning, you may want to help them research which senior living options will work for their needs while also working with their finances. Knowing that your parents will be able to live comfortably in retirement can give you peace of mind. At Senior Living Redefined Northfield,…

seniors exercising for heart health

Activities for a Healthy Heart

Heart disease is a serious threat to the health and wellness of seniors. Although the risk of heart disease increases as people age, life-threatening illness, disease, and possibly premature death do not have to be an inevitable outcome of the aging process. The right lifestyle, habits, and diet can help seniors improve and maintain their…

housekeeping services in senior community

Senior Living with Housekeeping Services

As we age, our bodies no longer function how they once did, making routine tasks more difficult. Besides, most older people have already spent a lifetime cleaning, dusting, and wiping counters. Of course, cleanliness is still a priority. Who doesn’t want to live comfortably in a clean environment and not worry about everyday chores? You…

older woman dealing with chronic pain

3 Tips for Managing Chronic Pain

As people age, they are more likely to experience chronic pain due to previous injuries, medical conditions, and degenerative diseases. Although the incidence or recurrence of pain may not be eliminated, seniors can make changes in their lifestyle and behaviors to better manage chronic pain and enjoy this chapter of their lives. The key is…