benefits of walking every day

5 Benefits of Walking Every Day

There are many benefits of walking every day for seniors. It breaks up the monotony of the day and gives you an easy way to get some exercise and fresh air. Unfortunately, seniors living alone are at a greater risk of inactivity and worsening physical and mental symptoms. By moving into an independent senior living…

tips for improving memory

4 Tips for Improving Memory

The best way for seniors to lead a happy and healthy retirement is through staying active mentally and physically. Seniors living alone are at a higher risk of becoming sedentary, negatively affecting their health. There are plenty of tips for improving Memory and staving off common age-related memory loss that affect all seniors. Northfield health…

retiring in indianapolis

Benefits of Retiring in Indianapolis

As you approach retirement age, you will need to start planning retirement to enjoy your golden years and not worry about finances. Retiring in Indianapolis has many financial benefits for retirees. Indiana is moderately tax-friendly to seniors and does not have a social security income tax. Your money will go further in Indianapolis as you…

signs of a minor stroke

Signs of a Minor Stroke

Unfortunately, strokes are a common medical emergency for seniors. For people over 65 years old, more than half of them are hospitalized. A majority of stroke survivors can regain their independence. In some instances, survivors are left with a disability. At Northfield, we offer senior health and wellness services in hopes of mitigating the likelihood…

older couple planning for retirement

Tips for Planning for Retirement

Deciding to move to an independent senior living community is just part of retirement planning. Living in an independent senior living community allows seniors to maintain their independence while having more time to do things they enjoy. The extra time comes from the services provided by the community. At Northfield, we offer our residents housekeeping,…

older woman waiting by window for senior transport

Benefits of Senior Transport Services

Northfield recognizes that our residents have worked hard to maintain their independence. We are happy to provide several services that make their lives easier with that in mind. In doing so, our residents get more time to do things they enjoy. These services include housekeeping, cooking, and home maintenance. We also understand that our residents…

doctor giving flu shots for seniors

Flu Shots for Seniors

Influenza (flu) has potential health complications no matter your age. Unfortunately, seniors are at a higher risk for flu-related complications, with 70-85% of flu-related deaths occurring in adults 65 or older. While living in an independent living community doesn’t completely prevent the flu, senior health and wellness services can help keep older adults prepared, active,…

two seniors enjoying winter activities for seniors

Fun Winter Activities for Seniors

Northfield takes pride in offering our residents a variety of activities. Just because residents live in an independent senior living community doesn’t mean they lack engagement with the local community. We recognize our residents worked hard to enjoy their free time. One of the ways we help maximize our residents’ time is by providing cleaning,…

man at edge of bed thinking and dealing with anxiety in seniors

Anxiety in Seniors

Anxiety disorders can arise at any age. It is estimated that around 20% of adults suffer from an anxiety disorder. Furthermore, it is relatively common for anxiety to increase with age. Unfortunately, depression and anxiety disorders tend to go unrecognized and untreated in older adults. Luckily, senior living communities like Northfield have health and wellness…

holiday activities for seniors

Fun Holiday Activities for Seniors

Northfield appreciates our residents’ hard work to have the ability to live in an independent living community. So, we help our residents make the most of their time. Our cleaning, cooking, and home maintenance services provide peace of mind for our residents to spend more time doing more of the things they enjoy. Utilizing these…