We’re A Community

senior couple sharing a couch learning About Northfield

At Northfield, we intend to redefine the senior living experience. Of course, we treat you like family with caring hearts, kindness, respect, and engagement. But we understand making your home safe, comfortable, clean, and private is why you’ve turned to us. We strive to make your new home at Northfield, a place you can work and live as you enter a new stage of your life. What you need to know about Northfield is we’re a community of experienced and caring professionals dedicated to your health and happiness. That’s the core of our mission. We look to redefine senior living, making this stage of life active and satisfying.

Our Mission in Brownsburg, Indiana

We intend to redefine the senior living experience. Working in your home, making it safe, comfortable, clean and private. Treating you like family, with caring hearts, kindness, respect, and engagement. Seeking your happiness and the health of your mind, body, and spirit.

All the time.

As a locally-owned facility, our mission is you.

About Northfield

Northfield is a 96-residence property set on more than five acres in the heart of Brownsburg, Indiana. Built in the early 1980s, we’ve fully renovated the property. With the work now complete, Northfield is one of the premier independent living providers in central Indiana. A few hundred feet southeast of the intersection of SR 267 and I-74, Northfield’s location offers unparalleled access to its visitors and residents.

At Northfield, we’ve fully renovated to exacting standards each of our residences. So we guarantee you’ll be proud to call Northfield home. Kitchens will include granite countertops with new undermount sinks and garbage disposals, luxury hard surface flooring, and a contemporary appliance package. There is all new carpeting. Also, professionals painted and refurbished all trim and walls in elegant color schemes. We have all new light fixtures and appropriate access implements installed where necessary. Unit doors, door hardware, windows, and window coverings are fresh and new.

We offer four distinct residence styles: studio (285 square feet), small one-bedroom (525 square feet), medium one bedroom (600 square feet), and large one bedroom (670 square feet). Thus, there’s plenty or room to accommodate the needs of nearly anyone.


Northfield in Brownsburg, Indiana

Nowadays, there’s no shortage of mission statements. We can’t speak for others, but we take ours seriously. We post it throughout our buildings. So we don’t forget it and residents always know what to expect, we discuss it — a lot — in our meetings. If you ever find us doing something inconsistent with our mission statement, we expect you to tell us. So reach out to us and learn more about Northfield in Brownsburg, Indiana. Because we have a lot to offer, call 844.334.1490.

Core Redevelopment in Brownsburg

Core Redevelopment professionally manages Northfield. It is one of Central Indiana’s premier multifamily residential developers and management companies. From a development perspective, Core’s unique expertise in rehabilitating historic properties ensured the redevelopment of Northfield was timely. Thus, Core was able to present residents with a truly unique property. From both management and maintenance perspectives, Core employs nearly 80 professionals dedicated to making sure its residents experience the best in multifamily living.